What is Bitcoin Volt and the difference between it and ordinary Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin Volt and the difference between it and ordinary Bitcoin

Bitcoin Volt is like ordinary Bitcoin in that both are decentralized cryptocurrencies, and they have the same advantages as other cryptocurrencies from crypto, but they are distinguished from them in other things, namely the following:

It has a security system consisting of a number of tools that allow the user to cancel the transaction after he has sent it in case he wants to, for some reason.
Its reduction in costs from ordinary Bitcoin during the sending or receiving process.
Its speed of transfer of transactions.
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How to deal with bitcoin volt

Bitcoin Volt can be dealt with by selling or buying in two ways, namely the following:

1-dealing directly with a trusted person

In this method, bitcoin is sold or bought to or from another person via a wallet that can be transferred from and to her, and in this method, you must rely on a trusted person, in order to avoid becoming a victim of fraud and fraud.

2-dealing with trading platforms

There are many trading platforms that deal in the sale and purchase of bitcoin, and this method is characterized by the fact that these platforms are secured and have been admired by a large number of bitcoin users for many years.

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The price of bitcoin volts against the dollar

In early 2020, the price of bitcoin volt rose against the dollar after several weeks of its official launch, and its highest price reached at the end of March 2020 at the level of 24 dollars per piece of bitcoin, and in June 2020 its price rose to the level of 288 dollars.

The prices of bitcoin volt continued to rise until it reached the level of 480 dollars in the first of August 2020, but fell back again until it reached 250 dollars at the end of the same month, and continued to fall until it reached the level of 66 dollars in the first of December 2020.

At the end of the year, the currency began to regain its strength again, reaching the level of 140 dollars, and then fell again at the moment to the level of 58 dollars; this indicates that the price of bitcoin does not stabilize at a certain price, but rises and falls from time to time.

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