The best keyword extraction site for YouTube and websites

The best keyword extraction site for YouTube and sites contains a service that content creators and workers in this field need greatly, as well as site owners, so that the titles of their content are certainly leading the search results, and in this regard, the most important details in our topic can be asked via the money makers website.

The best keyword extraction site for YouTube and websites

Keywords are the keywords that indicate the most important titles that people internet users search for in a particular topic, and they are of interest to content creators on YouTube and sites because they make their content appear at the top of search results.

As a result, recently many sites have spread that provide this service quickly and easily, and we can, through the following addresses, indicate the best keyword extraction site for YouTube and sites:

1-Hyper Suggest website

It is the best keyword extraction site for YouTube and websites, because of its services and features, and the most important information about it can be asked through the following:

The site supports freeware, but the site requires registration on it in order to enjoy full privileges for extracting keywords for your address.
Registration on the site does not require you to put your bank account details or set up a specific payment plan, in case of registration in the free plan of the site.
There are paid plans available on the site that guarantee you more privileges.
The site includes a field for your search dates, to let you know all the details about your dealings on the site.
The site contains keyword data for nine platforms, which makes it the best among keyword extraction sites, the most famous of which are eBay, Amazon and YouTube.
You can find out more information and details about the site from here.
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2 – KeyWord Dominator website

It comes from the list of the best keyword extraction site for YouTube and sites as well, because of its features, which we can explain through the following:

The site offers a keyword extraction service for popular platforms, such as Google, YouTube, Amazon, Walmart and Bing as well.
The site is characterized by Ease of Use and speed of results.
The site does not require you to register on it until you start the process of extracting keywords related to your address.
The site is completely free and does not require a certain number of searches on it to turn into a paid version, monthly subscription, etc.
The site aims to show the most important search results related to the word you are looking for, to give you the most traded search results in your country in the first lists, and the lower you go, the lower the trading levels of the search words in the lists.
If you want to know more information about the site, you can access it from here.

3-Ahrefs website

It also comes from the list of the best keyword extraction site for YouTube and websites, because of its details, the most important of which are:

The site contains a database that includes huge platforms with an estimated more than 10 billion web pages, and the equivalent of more than half a billion keywords, and this will guarantee you quality in the search.
The site does not come for free, payment plans for subscribing to it start from 99 dollars to 999 dollars.
The site guarantees speed and ease of Use, and it also has the best site design for the field of keyword extraction.
If you want a site that guarantees you honest and real results of your keyword search, this choice is suitable if you do not have a problem with its costs, which in fact takes data that cannot be obtained from another site.
You can log in and subscribe to the site from here.

4-Rapid Tags website

The Rapid Tags website is one of the easiest sites used to extract keywords, and its most important details can be described below:

The site is completely free and has an ergonomic design that will help you in the search process.
The site does not need to register in order to enjoy its privileges and services.
The site guarantees you the speed of Use and the issuance of results for the search keyword that you have placed in the search box.
The site shows you the first keywords related to your search word that people are looking for next to the address you have placed.
The site is very simple, it does not come up with many options.. It just comes the service you need and that’s special! You can enter and register in it if you want from here.

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How to increase the number of views for YouTube and sites
The field of content creation on the internet, whether on the YouTube platform or other platforms, is one of the most popular areas at the moment, which includes millions of content creators on YouTube and writers on sites.

Due to digital globalization and the fact that the internet has become the basis of living, those who use it for entertainment benefit those who use it for profit, and both benefit those who use it for fame once they are all on the platforms.

Thus, the internet has spread to become a fertile field in which entrepreneurship is growing very quickly, and in this regard, we ask you the most important tips on increasing the number of views of your channel or site in the following addresses:

1-the right time to publish

It is preferable to publish at certain times so that the interaction on the platform on which the content is presented reaches its maximum, and this would increase the number of views, and this would be by knowing the time when most people use the internet.

It is also preferable to publish on holidays, also on Fridays and the fading of publication at times for certain occasions, it is not reasonable to publish an educational video for a particular language or a course in translation at the time of holidays, for example, no one will be indifferent to that for sure at such times.

Sometimes the appropriate posting times vary at the day level depending on each channel or platform and the nature of its work, for example, it is preferable to publish entertainment channels for their videos during the holidays, while it is preferable to publish videos explaining the lunar calendar and the difference between it and the solar calendar at the beginning of the school year.

2-interaction with followers

The first is to increase the interest of followers in your content for what they receive from you, and the second is that you have gained an important database about the preferences of followers, their opinions on your content, what they want in the upcoming business and other important information.

Also, interaction with followers will in turn increase the number of comments on the platform or channel, and this makes YouTube software or algorithms on sites to place the title of your content in search lists close to the first titles, or make it top of the search results in the first place, and this certainly increases the number of views.

3-paid advertising

Some content creators resort in their beginnings to paid advertising methods, which, in turn, automatically show your site or channel to a number of followers, and this number increases or decreases based on two factors, the first of which is the number agreed for the offer purchased by the funded site.

As for the second factor, it is the number of shares and interaction on the video itself, paid advertising is like the first payment, and it is sometimes recommended in case you want this first payment, but you should consider giving your best so as not to regret uploading weak content using paid ads.

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4-key words

As we mentioned in the previous lines that keywords are very important in the process of increasing views, it will put you in the first search lists if extracted correctly, and by referring to our first topic you will see the most famous sites in the field of keyword extraction.

Where YouTube algorithms and sites work based on keywords, you should choose suitable keywords for your content and put them in the description box, and add some of them to the main title in a way that suits the title for sure, so that the title is not strange.

Freelancing on YouTube and websites really pays off, but it requires a lot of effort, supported by continuity and patience, as freelancing does not guarantee you a steady income, or it does not guarantee you an income from the ground up unless you are hardworking and want to excel.

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