He made 400 dollars writing earnings on the internet

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He made 400 dollars writing earnings on the internet

There are a number of ways that can be followed in order to be able to find out how you can make 400 dollars writing profits online, and these methods are as follows:

1-writing articles on websites

In this method, a person writes articles on his website, but it must be managed correctly, although it is not complicated, there are some criteria that must be adhered to in order to get used to writing articles correctly and thus profit from them.

You must first determine the idea of the site you want to create and write on it, buy hosting on WordPress and let it be through Bluehost, for example, it can be accessed from here, and then start writing topics and blogging.

Blog topics should include everything that the community needs in the category in which you are blogging or even blogging in general, in order to be able to build a website at first, and you also need traffic from around the world to your website.

Visitors can be targeted by writing the topics they want, and this is done by focusing on the search engines in Google and knowing the most widely used search word on it, and it is also possible to find out the interests that people have in mind by looking at various social media platforms.

It is necessary to know that in case you decide to go through the experience of writing on the internet and get profits from it needs a relatively long time, as the articles that are written on the site will not easily reach the Google search engine, as they appear after 6 months or more, but despite this, it is a guaranteed way to make profits and large sums of money.

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2-articles by companies and brands

Companies, whether global or local, start communicating with various sites on the internet in order to advertise their companies on the internet and promote their products, and this is for a sum of money, and this method is considered one of the most prominent ways to make profits.

When your website gets many visits, it is motivated by companies to rush to your site and place ads on it in a desire for them to reach their products to as many people as possible, and the more traffic on the site, the more advertising and thus increased profits.

It is worth mentioning with regard to talking about profit from advertising as a branch of profit from writing on the internet, is that ads come because of the many visits and visits are produced because of writing content that meets everything the visitor wants to get, and therefore the first reason for profit is writing articles on the internet as well.

3 – writing affiliate marketing articles

This method can be considered one of the most prominent ways through which you can find out how you can make 400 dollars writing profits online, as affiliate marketing is that you provide some services or products on the website in exchange for money.

When customers accept to buy products because of their knowledge on the site, the owner of the company or service gives you the agreed Commission, and in order to be able to benefit from this method, you must build a strong and good relationship between you and visitors on the site.

4-writing articles selling services

In the context of figuring out how to make 400 dollars writing profits online, we find that you can profit from the sale of services, and the meaning of selling services is that you provide services that you can do in your free time, for example, if you are proficient in writing on the internet, you can provide this service in your free time.

Especially since you do it very professionally, you can write the various explanations that readers need, there are many blogs online that lack the presence of distinguished writers, as there are many fields and there are some that need specialized people, such as medicine, law, economics, and others.

For this reason, a writer who specializes in a certain field and is able to be a great addition to the blog and thus earn money in exchange for providing his services.

5-writing articles selling digital products

If you are an expert in writing cultural and educational information, you can easily earn money by selling digital products, you can write books and sell them electronically, and courses can be made and presented to followers for a fee.

If you are creative in your field, you will find that there are many people who want to learn many skills from you, and therefore provide them with written or audio content through the internet that provides them with what they need and at the same time you will get money.

6-profit from advertising

This method can be considered one of the most prominent methods that are used to profit from the internet, as there are some ads that appear when you read a topic you choose from search engines, so anyone who works in the field of blogging articles, whether it’s a blogger or on WordPress, the presence of ads on the content he has blogged is very profitable.

It is worth noting that one of the ways that requires a lot of knowledge is to be treated with advertising sites like Google AdSense in order to get a lot of money, but it should be borne in mind that clicking on ads in the Arab world does not generate a large financial return if compared with English content, so it is preferable to target it.

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The best Arabic sites to profit from writing on the internet

In the framework of figuring out how we can make 400 dollars writing profits online, we will explain the following the most prominent sites that Arab writers can profit from writing on:

the Problogger website

This site is considered one of the best where it is possible to profit from writing on the internet, as it specializes in offering jobs by site owners and companies who want to deal with skilled writers in various fields.

It is worth noting that in each job offered on the site you find the conditions that the client wants, and therefore the exact description of the desired job, the duration of the work and whether he wants to contract with the person for a specific period or he wants to deal one-time is displayed.
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