Feasibility study of a medical dispensary project

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:: The importance of conducting a feasibility study for a medical dispensary project ::

The feasibility study of this project is one of the basic and necessary things that the project cannot be implemented through, it is the tool on which the project is based.

It is also she who determines the success of the project or not, in addition to increasing her importance in this project because this project deals with human health, which we must give great importance to.

Since any mistake in the project would cause human death, therefore, a thorough, detailed and well-founded feasibility study should be carried out.

: Medical dispensary project data : ::

The medical dispensary project aims to provide medical care to a large number of people at affordable prices, and also provides a number of medical devices that are necessary for many people.

The Polyclinic also aims to alleviate the suffering of the disease for seriously ill people and requires a number of requirements, which we mention below:

:1: doing a study of the market and its needs ::

There should be a thorough study of the market, its needs and the estimated proportions of the patient that can be treated, as well as whether there is such a type of project in the region where you want to implement your project, as your project should be in an area so that you achieve the maximum benefit possible.

The prices at which the service is provided must also be identified taking into account the human aspect, and based on this you can complete the next steps of the feasibility study.

:2: Choosing the right place ::

The project owner must choose the location of the project so that it reaches as many as possible, such as rural areas that do not have integrated health services, popular areas or with high density, so you must bear in mind that the place where you reside the project does not have any medical service or doctors.

:3: the area of the place for the medical dispensary project  ::

A large area should be allocated for the project so that it accommodates all the equipment and supplies for the project, including medical devices, rooms, in addition to offices for administrative affairs and accounts, so the area of the medical dispensary should not be less than 300 square meters.

:4: Medical Dispensary project requirements  ::

There are many necessary supplies and requirements without which the medical dispensary project cannot be implemented, namely:

The availability of a number of medical devices in most specialties, such as radiology devices, sonar devices and others.
Provide more than one operating room for many diseases and be available with oxygen devices in addition to the materials used during operations.
The dispensary is divided into more than one detection room with sterilization tools.
Provide the walls of the Polyclinic in light colors comfortable for the patient’s gaze.
Take care to provide all cleaning tools so as not to lead to the spread of diseases.
Providing medicines intended for chronic diseases, as well as medicines that are used in operations.
Connecting all public utilities such as electricity, water and natural gas while providing the highest degrees of safety in the clinic.

:5: the necessary labor for the project Medical Dispensary ::

The clinic needs an average number of workers, as the project requires a number of doctors in the most widespread diseases, with the provision of surgeons to perform operations, with the success of the project.
The need for a number of nurses to help doctors do their job and take care of patients.
An appropriate number of cleaners to keep the dispensary clean so that epidemics do not spread.
Provide an accountant and be responsible for the accounts of the Polyclinic.
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:: How to market a medical dispensary project ::

The project must be marketed creatively, as marketing here depends on convincing patients to treat, so there comes a great fear, so a large campaign must be made for the clinic through:

Making paper advertisements and distributing them to houses, lampposts and walls of houses so that the information can be communicated to a large number of people.
Making many discounts on statements in addition to disclosures at simple prices commensurate with people’s capabilities.
Create a page on social networking sites and photograph the medical clinic and its capabilities so that they can be published on different pages with the availability of phone numbers and prices for various statements and operations.

: The cost of a medical dispensary project : ::

This project is considered one of the very important projects that need a large amount of money to reach the service to the highest possible degree and the costs are calculated by familiarizing with the prices of all devices that are purchased as well as the construction or rental of the place.

The labor wages of doctors, nurses and cleaners are also calculated and then the actual cost that the project needs is determined, which should be with you so that you can start the project.

: How profits are calculated in a medical dispensary project ::

She comes to the profits for the project in her part of the feasibility study of a medical dispensary and is the main reason for any project, as the goal of this project is humanitarian in addition to obtaining profits.

The profits are calculated by identifying the cost of the project requirements, which we mentioned in the previous step, and then the expected revenues are calculated within a period of 6 months, during which the profits are calculated by subtracting the cost from the profits if:

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