Explain the Foap application and profit from it

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What is foap application

Before we talk about explaining the Foap application, we should first talk about what this application is, as it is an application that can be downloaded and downloaded quite simply through the Google Play Store.
This application allows to display the photos that are taken in a distinctive and wonderful way, in exchange for selling them to international brands or companies and agencies that have an interest in buying such photos.
Where this application acts as an intermediary between these companies and individuals who have displayed their photos on the application, and the application earns a commission on any sale that occurs and takes place.
In order to be able to sell photos on the Foap application, it is necessary and very important that these photos are of high quality, and they were taken with great accuracy and professionalism, as there are many, many individuals who display their photos.
Thus, there is a very strong competition to choose the best photos that have been displayed on this application, and many photos must be displayed through different types of photography, so that there is a good opportunity to complete the sale.
After the photos to be sold are displayed on this application, the owner must wait until the one who buys them comes, and it is also possible to resell the photos that are more than once.
And whoever views and publishes the photos he takes on this application gets ratings from other users.

Ways to get a foap application

Explain the Foap application and profit from it
Before we list the explanation of the Foap application and profit from it, we must clarify how to get this application, it is available and exists for all different smartphone devices.
So it is possible to download this application and download it to smartphones running the Android operating system from “here“.
It is possible to download the Foap application, and download it to smartphones running the iPhone operating system from “here“.

Explaining the Foap application and profiting from it, and registering on this application is very simple and easy, and this is done through a set of steps that must be applied properly and correctly, these steps are as follows:

After downloading and downloading this application on various operating systems for smartphones, whether Android or iPhone, and also after installing it on the phone device, the application is opened.
After that, it is possible to log in to this application by e-mail or through the social networking site Facebook.
In the event that you choose to log in to the application through e-mail, there will be a number of simple steps that should be followed to complete the registration process.
Once logged in to this application, a welcome message will come to the user, and after completing these steps, the user will have his own account on the Foap application, and it will be possible to start downloading images and displaying them for sale for a lot of money.

How to upload photos to the Foap application

When searching for an explanation of the Foap application and profiting from it, a user who has his own account on this application can download as many photos as he wants, on his command page.
All that is done is to click on the + sign, which is located in the corners, which indicates the addition of images.
This application allows its users to upload and download images with a resolution not less than 1280*960.
The user should put an explanatory name for any image that he downloads and adds to the application, because this would greatly contribute to these images reaching customers, in case they search for the images they want to buy through the search box in the application.
This caption must be related to the image, and refers to the content that is present in the image, and this is also in addition to the possibility of adding many tags to the images, because it will allow customers to find the gallery of the owner of these images, and then access it.
In the event that the user of this application uploads and adds an image on the application and another individual is present in it, it is necessary for the user to attach a copy signed by this individual, for legal purposes.

How to earn money from the Foap application

How to earn money from the Foap application
After we talked about explaining the Foap application and profiting from it, we must also talk about other ways by which it is possible to make profit through this application, including:


There are a lot of ways to earn money through the Foap application, certainly besides downloading images and displaying them for sale, and one of the most important of these ways is to enter into contests that are offered and advertised by a group of brands.
Where such competitions often revolve around requesting a photo that has certain specifications indicating a specific topic, and all individuals who participate and enter in these competitions should take and take a photo indicating the same required specifications that are in the same desired topic
At the end of these types of contests, brands identify and choose the best image from all the images presented, in exchange for the owner receiving a financial reward worth 100 dollars.
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The possibility of withdrawing funds from the Foap application

With regard to the process of withdrawing funds and profits, users of this application can simply withdraw their funds on their PayPal account, at the time specified by this application for withdrawals.
This application is the best way to make money through the internet, and by exploiting the talent that a person has in the field of large and large photography, a person should not keep the wonderful photos that he takes only for himself.
He should also post and share them with others, so that they enjoy the beauty and splendor of photos and filming, and the person will not come out empty-handed, but will also be able to earn money, which contributes to the support and development of his talents

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