Disadvantages of cold iron construction

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The main disadvantages of cold iron construction

When using cold iron in construction operations, it proved that it is not possible to make any changes in the design as it happens in ordinary buildings, meaning that it is not possible to change the sizes of the door or window, and if you want to do this, changes must be made in the design of the entire building.

Buildings that are created by using cold iron are more low-profile than other buildings and anyone can easily notice this.

There are few companies that design and build using cold iron, so the companies that work in that field take advantage of this point to raise its prices and the cost of construction, although the real cost of construction is not that expensive or large.

The companies that carry out work in this field hand over the house or construction for its money in the form of iron walls only, where it consists of two floors, so the owner will have to pay large sums in painting, ceramics, bleaching and finishing the place, and these costs may exceed the value he paid in the construction using cold iron, and the issues related to costs are one of the most prominent disadvantages of cold iron construction.

Most people are afraid of this technology because it is somewhat new and not widely used, and it sometimes does not allow modification in the architectural design during the implementation processes, the reason for this is that the scheme is relied on and manufactured in certain factories and then supplied by the factory to the site and then installed directly.

Conventional iron or concrete is more durable than cold iron, as some consider that cold iron is used to build on non-solid but sometimes poor land, which means that the foundation of the house or building is weak.

There are quite a few companies implementing it, and there are not so many factories designing its tools.

Cold iron construction technology

Cold Steel Construction is an integrated economic system and is characterized by the speed of its installation, as it consists of the iron structure, cladding materials, finishes and insulation materials, through which it is possible to cover buildings with any finishing material, depending on demand, and this technology has begun to spread in construction processes, making it in some countries compete with the traditional concrete construction method, especially in the issue of costs.

The technology of cold-cast iron construction lends itself to the construction of additional floors in old houses and buildings that have a rather dilapidated Foundation, such as chalets, factories, villas, dormitories or workers ‘ housing.

Cold Iron is characterized by a large degree of thermal insulation, which saves energy used in addition to its fire resistance for up to three hours, unlike the traditional concrete system, it also saves time, runs out quickly and saves effort.

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Advantages of cold iron construction

Cold iron construction is characterized by a set of distinctive characteristics that are useful in the design of buildings in a modern way, the most prominent of these features are the following:

Cold iron construction is characterized by Ease of use as it is no longer difficult to handle.
Cold Iron is characterized by its formability and also provides an infinite number of designs that the owner of the construction wants.
Buildings designed using cold iron are considered lightweight.Buildings built using cold iron are the best types of buildings in the event of natural disasters such as an earthquake or explosion.
The material used in the construction by Cold Iron is considered easy to install.
Actual prices for Cold Iron are cheaper compared to conventional concrete, and its cost is commensurate with ordinary people.

The cost of cold iron construction is lower than ordinary buildings, and it is also easy for users of buildings made of cold iron to sell them empty at any time as it is easy to transport and install them at any time, and cold product construction in general helps to eliminate surface defects and gives it a great appearance and is superior in concentration or straightness compared to rolled iron or hot commonly used.

It has a set of properties that are not available in ordinary buildings, for example, it is considered sound, noise or heat insulation, as well as water.
Cold Iron Works to resist the problems that ordinary iron is exposed to in ordinary buildings, such as damage or rust problems, and cold iron is considered resistant to bacteria and germs.

The cost of construction with Cold Iron

After we got acquainted with the disadvantages of cold iron construction, we should get acquainted with the cost of construction with it, and the technology of construction using cold iron can be used in the construction of various enterprises and recreational, administrative or residential buildings, and the cost of cold iron construction is much cheaper than construction with concrete, where cold iron and its cost:

The cost of a ton of cold iron plates in Egypt ranges from 10.211 to 12.253 Egyptian pounds.

The price of a ton of galvanized steel in the form of coils ranges from nine thousand Egyptian pounds to about 11.310 Egyptian pounds.

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Comparison of cold-cast iron construction with the usual concrete construction
The use of cold iron in construction is a structural system by means of iron structures that have light and fast weights in installation and are covered with cement panels from the outside and from the inside, including various insulating panels such as polystyrene or rock wool pressure 70 and electrical and sanitary supplies are made in them before installing the internal panels

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