Bitcoin volt price today 2023

The price of bitcoin volt today 2023 latest update continues its rocket ascent after the decline until it reached the area of 43200, and reached the level that could not be exceeded in the top three peaks in the history of the bitcoin volt price, which is the level of 52000, and analysts expect that breaking this level strongly supports the continuation of the ascent until it reaches the level of stability in the area of 58000 and here it remains to some extent fluctuating after the Ten mark.

In this topic on the money makers website we will give the bitcoin volt price today 2023 the latest update with an indication of the reasons why the price abandoned the recession phase and future forecasts.

Bitcoin volt price today 2023 last updated

Before addressing the price of bitcoin volt today 2023 latest update, we emphasize that bitcoin is a digital currency that does not exist in the physical world, so there is no country or institution capable of controlling it by lowering and raising the price.

It is also difficult to mine, so the numbers are relatively constant, there will be no inflation for them, as happens in real currencies printed by governments, this is next to the blockchain technology on which the currency depends in cryptography, which is difficult and up to the point of impossible to be hacked or tracked, which gives it high security.

All these factors have made it difficult to accurately predict the price of bitcoin, prices at any time may rise insanely or fall depending on the market trend in supply and demand, but it is worth noting that the price of bitcoin volt today 2023 the latest update is from 54040 USD to 54100 USD, that is, there is a slight fluctuation in the price in the digits of ones, tens, first hundred and decimal places, and this percentage is safe and is not considered fluctuation at all for the price of bitcoin, and the price seeks to rise by 3.2%.

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Bitcoin price in Egyptian pound

As we explained earlier, the price of bitcoin ranges from 54040 US dollars to 54100 US dollars, therefore, according to the average dollar rate for the Egyptian pound, which is equal to about 15.73 pounds, the price of bitcoin ranges from 850227.53 Egyptian pounds to 851171.53 Egyptian pounds.

Factors affecting the price of bitcoin
As we explained earlier, the mechanism of bitcoin’s work is based on supply and demand completely, so institutions, bodies or governments do not interfere in determining its price and do not increase the supply to reduce the price, so the change in the price of bitcoin is due to several factors such as:

The price of the dollar rises or falls, the inverse relationship between it and bitcoin.
The interest rate on deposits.
The price of gold is in inverse relationship with the price of bitcoin.
Major political events such as the US elections or Brexit.
Global economic events such as the oil crisis in mid-2020.
Global pandemics such as the covid-19 pandemic.
This is next to the direct impact on the price of bitcoin from being directed to invest in big businessmen or celebrities.

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Factors influencing the rise in the price of bitcoin in the recent period
In the recent period, the price of bitcoin has been influenced by several factors such as:

Institutional investment entered the bitcoin market, so hedge funds and major financial services companies entered.
Major money transfer companies have added Bitcoin to their services besides investing in it, such as:
Square financial services company (SQUARE)
PayPal (PayPal) services and money transfer
The company ” Micro strategyā€¯
The antique insurance company (MassMutual) invested in December of 2020 one hundred million US dollars in the bitcoin market, through their public investment fund.
Media outlets such as TV channels and traditional electronic newspapers paid attention to bitcoin prices and published a periodic update of its price.
The momentum among the public on social media around bitcoin
The entry of the richest businessman in the world(Elon Musk Elon Musk) into investing in bitcoin, published it in a tweet via the social networking site Twitter, and supported the currency.
Tesla Motors Tesla, Inc., famous for the electric car industry, bought one and a half billion US dollars in bitcoins, besides accepting bitcoin payments for its cars.
The entry of the corona crisis and the impact of the global economy and the recession; which prompted governments to increase their hedge funds and buy digital currencies.
Investors ‘ attention is drawn to the fact that bitcoin is stable and does not increase easily and all the currencies in the world are only 18.5 million bitcoins and the last limit will reach is 21 million coins with continuous mining operations; therefore, the price will inevitably go up.
This is how the price of bitcoin rose and by studying these factors and monitoring the markets and global events that may affect prices, and therefore it is possible to predict what the broken line of the price will reach, but we must always keep in mind that bitcoin is difficult to predict its prices and therefore it must be handled with extreme caution.

Ways to get bitcoin

After we presented the price of bitcoin volt today 2023 the latest update, we get to the way to get this currency from the very beginning, there are many ways to get bitcoin, but there are four main ways, namely:

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The first way: buying bitcoin

In this way, the investor buys a number of bitcoins and then waits for a period of up to years depending on the market situation, which is a long-term investment.

However, this type of risky investment may generate a very high profit and the investor may lose everything he owns, so the money that will be invested in a long-term way should be superfluous and not affect any asset in a person’s life, if he loses it, life does not stop for him.

Places to buy bitcoin

Bitcoin can be purchased from several places such as:

The Coinbase Coinbase Coinbase platform.
Binance Binance website.
Legacy Legacy platform for trading digital currencies and forex markets.
Just as you can buy a part of the currency depending on what you have money for, you should not buy a whole currency.

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